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 Ap Literature: My Growth and Improvement

This year I learned a lot in English class and I feel like I definitely learned how to better my writing. In the beginning of the year I had no confidence in my writing at all but now I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where one of my essays could be compared to those in my class. I didn’t like having Mr. Gallagher read my work because I didn’t feel like what I wrote mattered or like it was as sophisticated as it needed to be for a student taking AP Literature. The other students also had previous experience with taking AP English, so in many ways I felt like I was behind. I was pretty scared because I felt as if I was out of my element. In the beginning I remember we had a student led discussion and I didn’t want to talk at all because I was looking at the girls around me thinking that I din’t want to sound stupid. As time went on I learned better skills to use to add more complex to my reading by looking at the texts in different ways with different view points I probably wouldn’t have done if I was reading a book myself. The way we learned how to look at a text this year helped understand that with literary work there’s always s something way more complicated than what’s being presented at the surface. I learned that in most of these texts the author focuses on something that has to doo with the human condition and how we treat each other in the different societies we live in and how that affect others.

I went in the class with a negative attitude this year. Honestly it makes me feel good that I took the course because I feel like as a class we’ve learned and accomplished so much. For me, I definitely feel like I’ve grown. When we were assigned our summer reading lists, there was not one of those books that I could say I enjoyed. I don’t know if it was becaseu it was a very hot summer and I hated the environment that I was in as I forced myself to sit and read the pages and try to grasp what was taking place, but I hated every minute of it. Maybe if I knew what I know now I would have seen things differently, and not have felt so much torture. After reading those novels I remember thinking that taking this class was a mistake and that there’s no way I was going to be able to keep up with the work, expectation or the class. But as the year went on I realized that I was wrong. Maybe it was the teacher and the way Mr. Gallagher got us to do and see things, but after a while I felt like I was getting better at the class. But I still hate those books, thinking about Heart of Darkness, and that stuffy butler still bring bad memories.

I think that something else that I definitely improved on even though it may not seem like it, is my participation in the discussions in class. I hated those. I still don’t really like them, but depending on what we’re looking at I might have a lot to say. Last year I don’t think I ever opened my moth in those discussions. It’s not something I like to do, sitting there sharing my thoughts with a group of people I don’t know who I feel like are judging me just because I wasn’t confident about what I had to say. I still get nervous, but I think I did improve. Now I’m more comfortable at speaking my mind, because after this year I feel like there’s no way I could be wrong; it’s literature and it can be viewed in many different ways, just because I see things differently than everybody else does not mean I amwrong, as long as I have textual evidence to prove my statements. I learned that , that was also important, in discussions having textual evidence, because then you can get your audience to think differently and see things in a way that they didn’t before. I also feel the need to mention that I loved our discussions, and the fact that it was a class of thirteen girls with different opinions made things more interested. Then I felt like I had a right to participate and get involved to support or disagree with someone.

Something else that I improved on was my writing. Usually I would just write to fill up the page, but now I can’t just do that becaseu there’s always something interesting to say. There’s no way I can look at a text and after spending this whole year learning how to analyze, to just go and write, there has to be something of interest. There’s two of my papers that I really like I feel like they’re very strong, which definitely shows an improvement in my writing. It’s not something that I could have done last year or at the beginning of this year. I feel like this class helped me tap into myself. My college essay I feel like was a very nice piece it had all the factors that it needed. Then at the ending of the year we worked on our poet research paper, and I felt like it was also very well written. I feel like if you go through my blog you’ll be able to view the maturity in my writing, now you’ll see strengths that were not there before. The ones from the beginning may not been as good, however I chose those because either when I was doing the assignment I felt like it was very hard and I was proud of myself to have the piece come out as it did or because I liked the assignment, I might not have done as well as I would have liked but it brings back what I had to go through to get that specific paper.. Maybe it’s because I’ve gained more confidence in my work, but now I know when it’s good enough to say that my work is good.

I really did enjoy this year, because I feel like I gained so much. I learned how to understand pieces of literatures by viewing them with complexity. I feel very proud of myself and this class. I think we had a great year overall, because everyone improved somehow.

Personal Development and Learning Essay example

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The Personal Development Reflective Essay Assignment

The reflective essay will become the primary component of the senior portfolio a few years from now, but the process begins here in PDP 150 as students learn to apply their new reflective skills in developing of an effective portfolio. The reflective essay provides the opportunity to describe and document one’s growth as a person during this time in a student’s life, and the key to understanding the task is to emphasize the term “reflective.” In PDP 150, students learn that reflection can sometimes be confused with words such as “reaction” or “response.” Through the many reflective exercises in PDP 150, students learn that to document their reactions or responses to experiences…show more content…

All experiences at college, both in the classroom and outside the classroom are fair game for exploration as students document their growth and development in the context of the personal reflective essay.

To better document and illustrate these experiences, students are encouraged to submit at least four documents as supporting material for their personal development reflective essays. These documents should be academic in nature—papers written, assignments or projects completed, artistic work created, and so forth. The idea is to submit materials that you specifically discuss in your personal development reflective essay in order to better illuminate and illustrate your development over the term.

Depth and Breadth of Reflection

To help insure that students’ reflection is as thorough as possible, and to encourage development of the whole person, one of the requirements for the personal development reflective essay is that it cover four distinctive areas, or dimensions, of students’ lives. These dimensions are intellectual growth and discovery; emotional maturation and physical health; ethical and spiritual growth; and citizenship and community responsibility. Each of these areas should be explored and documented in the personal development reflective essay, and each of these areas should be examined using the reflective skills practiced in

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