Genetically Modified Foods Essay Thesis And Outline


OutlineTopic: should genetically modified organism be allowed to continue? (No)


Introduction (Paragraph )!."oo#: $%O& which is genetically modified organism& is a fairly well'#nown concept. In orea& howeer& people are not aware of how much side'effects it has. *.+onnection information: +ompared to other countries& orea is not strict for $%O. Other countries normally use $%O as an industrial field. orean goernment does not as# manufacturers to put labels on food if $%O ,N! or proteins do not remain in the food een though the original source is $%O after processing the food. +.Thesis statement: It is essential to ta#e an interest in what we are eating. Therefore& people should #now side effects of $%O and social problems from $%O. -en though it might be a solution for a shortage of food& it ust causes a icious circle.


*ody !.Paragraph / (+ons argument ) topic sentence: $%Os hae plenty of side effects..It is not safe for human. It causes lots of incurable diseases. /.0eeds will deelop a tolerance to the weed #iller so farmers hae to spread strongerpesticides to remoe weeds1.$enetically modified seeds could hae unintended conse2uences for animals that interact with the crops and *.Paragraph 1 (+ons argument /) topic sentence: $%Os cause arious social problems..3arge multinational corporations control $%O industry. Introducing genetically engineered seeds to deeloping countries ma#es local farmers dependent upon largemultinational corporations li#e %onsanto& which could push those farmers into a cycle of debt. -4. 5armers committed suicide in India./.Organic food industry can be destroyed and superior $% strains could crowd out indigenous crops on the mar#et.1.People are against $% foods. If this protest #eeps in the world& our society will be unstable. +.Paragraph 6 (counterargument and refutation) topic sentence: genetically modified foods might loo# li#e a magic bullet because of many benefits but it causes a spiral of iolence..The tasty& the 2uality and nutrition of $%O might be better li#e golden rice but most people don7t beliee the safety and they don7t want to eat $%O food. -4. 8ussia/.,rought' and soil'tolerant crops are cultiated by $%O techni2ue. "oweer& it cannot be sure the stable price of crops.1.%ost $% crops are engineered to be herbicide tolerant but the weed #iller which has made for genetically modified seeds is lin#ed to antibiotics resistance and hormone

Genetically Modified (GM) Foods: Pro/Con Research Paper Outline I. Introduction 1 Brief Introduction 2 Thesis: Although genetically modified (GM) foods allow for a food source that is more reliable and nutritious, organisms enhanced by biotechnology pose adverse effects on human health and the environment and may increase the dependency of developing countries on rich and industrialized nations. II. Background 1 Brief History 2 Methods of Modification 3 Current Application (land area, GM crops curently grown, etc) III. Pro - Hardier Organisms A Increased Pest Resistance (BT Crops) a “But now insect-resistant plants (maize, soybean, cotton, etc.) have been obtained by introducing into the plant genome the gene of a bacterium (Bacillus thuringensis or Bt) coding for a protein (called Bt protein) which is toxic for insects (for instance insects which attack maize, rice, cotton, etc. and can cause important yield losses), but not for man or animals, so that the plant itself produces the insecticide protein, and there is no need to grow the bacteria, extract and purify the protein and deliver it to the fields.” (Weil, Jacques-Henry) B Increased Disease Resistance a “Last month a team of international researchers led by the University of Hawaii finished mapping the genome of a variety of papaya engineered to withstand ringspot virus. Ringspot is a killer; it nearly wiped out Hawaii's $17 million-a-year papaya industry. Then, in the late '90s, scientists came to the rescue by plucking a gene from the virus itself and splicing it into the papaya plant, like a vaccine. Today, Hawaii's papaya groves are flourishing and, with the genome in hand, scientists now believe they will be able to replicate similar harvest-saving technology for different crops around the world. ” (Akiko Kashiwagi, et al) C Frost-Resistance a "Ice-resistant bacteria are derived from strains of Pseudomonas syringae , which are common in nature. Normally, the bacteria secrete a protein that acts as a “seed” around which ice crystals form. AGS and the University of California scientists deleted the gene that codes for (specifies the production of) the “seed” protein, resulting in bacteria that cannot promote frost formation. If sprayed on crops in large numbers, the altered bacteria would, researchers think, overwhelm the naturally occurring P. syringae and protect the crops from frost down to temperatures of about −4°C (25°F.). ("Agriculture (1987).")

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