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If you haven’t got a chance to read the data base of Nokia Stock, you may not believe that back to 2000 and 2007, their highest stock value respectively was $60 and $40, but it was at the bottom in July 2007 with the price of $2/stock. At the moment, Nokia are slowly recovering at the price of $6.5/stock.

Before the blooming of smart phone era, Nokia was once one of the biggest mobile phone providers. Everything went smoothly until the year of 2010. Due to the fact that it was always focusing on their signature style: toughness, with keyboard, etc. this company lost a huge number of their customer and the leading position to Apple – a raising-up company with their key product – iPhone.

Figuring out this, Nokia has invented their brand-new style of managing – using a new guy to be their CEO. Under his direction, Nokia decided to sell the whole burdensome phone producing department to Microsoft.

They have had to change their way again since the most successful period – 1990 to save the other parts of the company.

At the moment, the company is reorganizing their structure and design the plan to develop Nokia to the top once again.

2. Coca-Cola

In the end of 1800, Asa Griggs Candler established Coca-Cola Company, and maybe he could not even imagine that there is a day his own company – a beverage manufacturer could make an amount of $180 Bi in profit.They could have been even better, if they had not lost some of the excellent chances.

This company had to struggle to survive in the 80s of the last century when its number 1 competitor – Pepsi appeared and started to take Coca-cola’s market. This led Coca-cola to make a decision that took a close look at its own products. Finally, this company invented a brand-new kind of beverage – New Coke – which was sweeter than Soda with the hope that they could completely beat Pepsi’s products.

Sadly, the customers did not act like Coca-cola expected. Understood this situation, the managers of Coca-cola made a determination that took all the New Coke back and replaced it with another kind of product – Coca-cola Classic back to its old recipe. And back to the top once again.

At the moment Coca-cola changed its way to suit the customers’ taste as they thought it was and realized that it was the wrong route, the company has quickly and immediately changed its plan then took its throne back.

It was not because Coca-cola caught its luck at that time, it was because this company has instantly changed its management ways, reorganized its company as well as listened to the customers, not gone to the dead end road, all of the above things have saved Coca-cola from a serious failure.

Besides that, not only have the carbonate soft drinks been sold, but also about 500 kinds of beverage have been delivered to more than 200 countries and areas like DASANI (filtered tap water bottled from local sources with added trace minerals); EVIAN (this water beverage has received lots of compliments). In other words, Coca-cola always tries their best to think of new and high quality products, modernize their products and brands, broaden their market and up until now, Coke has been very successful by all of these efforts.

And that is how two of the biggest companies in the world change their moves to be such wealthy like these days. Thanks to all of the critical changes, lining up, modernizing, cooperating and pulling out redundant things to their OKR philosophy, Coca-cola and Nokia have scored many notable victory of their own.

The next part Goalify will mention about to reveal three other cases with three
other huge companies when they applied OKR into their organization to have many big win in their markets so that you could decide that whether to put OKR into use in your own company.

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