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International Telecommunication Union, a body set up in 1865 to regulateinternational telecoms.An enormous change in the field of telecommunicationhas already been seen by the researcher in Pakistan as well as in emergingeconomies countries like India, China before I came to the United Kingdom in2006. Despite of having some doubts about the instability in the life of theGovernment of Pakistan from the last three years, The telecommunicationsector is still one of the most rapid growing sectors in Pakistan.Telecommunications has become one of the most important infrastructuresthat are essential to the socio-economic well-being of 

or technology drivenworld any nation.

The globalization of world economy has further amplifiedthe importance of telecommunications to the nation’s economy. The rationalefor critically investigating the two major organizations marketing strategy areto come up with answers of those questions or business thoughts which werestarted to arise in my ideas when I joined 02 as their network user in the resultof contract. I have been using 02 mobile connection and phone for last threeyears. And to critically analyse the each and every aspect of their marketingstrategy and its effectiveness was nearly dream to me as I had seen themobilink (Pakistan) with the quite various way to acting upon on its marketingstrategy and its effectiveness in Pakistan.

Literature review

A marketing strategy normally includes the segmentation, targeting & positioning andin all you focus on consumer behaviour along with brand managing. As a strategy,marketing seeks to develop effective responses to change market environments bydefining market segments and developing and positioning product offering for thosetarget markets.

( Hooley, Saunders, Piercy, 2004)

One of the most important partsof making the first aspect of marketing strategy appropriate is to analyze andacknowledge the existence and potential of your customers and divide them into asegment and target them accordingly. “Usage, segmentation and relationshipmarketing are the key marketing activities to obtain the desired results of retainingmore customers, upgrading more customer relationship, getting better customers andusing existing customers as advocates acquiring new customers”


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