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ILM management Course
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Work based assignment:M3.01

Problem Solving

The Joint Service for Disabled Children is a partnership developed by Enfield’s Children’s trust. It comprises specialist, inclusive, voluntary, health and education services to support and promote opportunities for all disabled children and their families in Enfield. The service is open to any disabled children and young people who have significant global delay, autism or life threatening conditions under the age of 18. In my role as inclusion development manager I am responsible for enabling disabled children and young people to access mainstream activities of their choice within the borough. I provide the resources, staff and training for any…show more content…

A simple decision making grids illustrates how this might meet the main areas of need as identified by the parents.

Decision making model

|Criteria |Offer more diverse |Sleep intervention |Offer increased over |Find cheaper over night |
| |respite |program |night respite |options |
|Cost |( |( | |( |
|effective | | | | |
|Parental approval |( |( |( | |
|Long term sustainability| |( | | |
|Improved sleep | |( |( |( |
|opportunities in short | | | | |
|term | | |

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