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“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree. ” - Michael Crichton

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Supported Study:

S5/6 Higher - Mondays after school & Tuesday lunchtimes

S4 N5 - Thursday after school & Monday lunchtimes


Courses we offer in this field:

S1 Modern StudiesCourse Overview

S2 Modern StudiesCourse Overview

S1 HistoryCourse Overview

S2 HistoryCourse Overview

S3 HistoryCourse Overview

N3/4/5 History (S4)Course Overview

Higher HistoryCourse Overview

Advanced Higher HistoryCourse Overview

S3 Modern StudiesCourse Overview

N3/4/5 Modern Studies (S4)Course Overview


Welcome to the Music webpage.  

We have three specialist Music teachers making up one half of the Performing Arts Faculty of Music and Drama - Mr. Rosie, Mr. Blyth and Mr. Turnbull.

Mr Rosie is the head of the faculty which is located on the ground floor of Kinross High School.

In our department we have 3 teaching rooms and 12 practice rooms.

Instrumental Music Service

There are eight instrumental teachers: 

Mr. Bailie (Guitar), Mrs. Doyle (Upper Strings),Mr. Mitchell (Woodwind),Mrs. Oxnard (Lower Strings),

Miss Paterson(Percussion), Mrs. McLennan (Voice), Mrs. McLennan (Piano), Mr. Seith (Brass)


We present two concerts per year and are currently planning for a school show for June 2017. The Music department also present items at the school’s annual prize giving at the end of the summer term.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Concert: Wednesday 20th December 2017

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department currently has a number of extra-curricular activities:

Boys' Choir - Wednesday at 1:25pm

Chamber Group - Thursday at 1:25pm

Drum Club - Wednesday at 1:25pm

Full Orchestra - Wednesday at 3:45pm

Girls' Choir - Monday at 1:25pm

Guitar Club - Monday at 1:25pm

Loch Leven Records - Thursday at 3:45pm

Percussion Ensemble - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Show Band - Wednesday at 1:25pm

String Orchestra - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Ukulele Orchestra - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Wind Band - Thursday at 1:25pm


Courses we offer in this field:

S1 MusicCourse Overview

S2 MusicCourse Overview

S3 MusicCourse Overview

S4 MusicCourse Overview

S5 & 6 MusicCourse Overview

N4 MusicCourse Overview

N5 MusicCourse Overview

Higher MusicCourse Overview

Advanced Higher MusicCourse Overview

S3 Music TechnologyCourse Overview

N5 Music TechnologyCourse Overview

Higher Music TechnologyCourse Overview

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