Dissertation Topics In Economics For Postgraduates

Before suggesting you dissertation topics in economics, let me give you a brief introduction of what economics is, its branches, and what are the areas you can choose to make economic dissertation topics.

Economics can be defined as the social science that analyses the way choices people take among the alternatives available to them. It is social because it engages people and their behaviour. It is a science because it utilises, as much as required, a systematic approach in its study of choices. It is the study of how the production, distribution and consumption of goods in human life are controlled. Production encompasses all the actions taken to fulfil the needs and wants of the people by providing the goods and the services. On the other hand, distribution means how these goods and services are made available to the people by the society. These social arrangements form the economic system of social life.

The economics can be further subdivided into two major branches;


It examines the economic choices of maker and purchaser at an individual or sectoral level, along with how market effects due to government policies on these choices.  Some general microeconomic topics areas are;

  • Consumer and producer surplus
  • Demand
  • Economies of scale
  • Elasticity
  • Market equilibrium
  • Production possibility frontiers
  • Positive and normative statements
  • Opportunity cost
  • Specialisation and division of labour
  • Market failure
  • Government failure


It studies the economy and the markets at a country level, examines government policies effect on the national economy, and effects of the world economy on the national economy. Some general macroeconomic topics areas are;

  • Balance of payments
  • Budget deficit
  • Economic growth
  • Fiscal policy
  • Globalisation
  • Exchange rates
  • Monetary policy
  • Inequality
  • Inflation
  • International trade
  • Supply side policies
  • Unemployment

List Of Dissertation Topics In Economics

We have been able to come up with a list of 20 economic dissertation topics which I am sure you will find useful. Either you are an undergraduate student, about to commence writing your master's dissertation in economics or looking for dissertation topics in economics for postgraduates, the following list can help you to come up with your own dissertation economic topics.

Effects of foreign direct investment on economic growth: a case study.

Techno-economic evaluation of various propulsion systems for LNG carriers.

Immigration towards united states and how it affects the economic trend.

An uncertainty of the law on agency workers: benefit or detriment to businesses in the UK at a time of economic instability.

The economic impact of urban regeneration companies as a mechanism for delivering regeneration in the city of Leicester.

A relationship between the stock market and economic growth.

An analysis of fiscal policy in the UK and Germany: a comparison in the light of the current economic recession.

Has the current economic crisis encouraged UK charities towards more commercial models and practices?

The impact of brand and price on consumer behaviour during the economic recession: a case of clothing market in Greece.

An Economic and social impact of venture capital and private equity in the EU.

Adaptive reuse as economic development in downtown Los Angeles: a resource guide for start-up developers, community-based organisations, and stakeholder groups.

An economic theory of homeschooling.

An empirical investigation of economic aspects of physician services utilisation.

Argentina's economic crisis in 2001 and the international monetary fund.

Banking system regulations, financial development and economic outcomes.

Economic and institutional determinants of geographical concentration of industries in transition economies: evidence from China.

Institutional aspects and fiscal outcomes of U.S. Municipal governance.

The Impact of International Trade & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Growth in Developing Countries; a case study.

Central banks and university financial governance: how institutions are managing institutional resources and creating a monetary policy for mission attainment.

The impact of a recession on consumer credit.

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Economics Dissertation Topics

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